Our company is organized into four tiers. This helps us to include artists with various levels and experience. Some artists like to experience Dancing Waters for a short season, and others for longer periods of time. Our tiers balance the level of commitment and the level of technical and spiritual training each dancer has to determine how much they take on during the season.

Core Company Apprentice II Apprentice I Trainee

If you’re interested in joining the company, schedule an interview and audition, or come to the open audition!

Open Audition: 08.25.19 - 4P.M.

1016 Clare Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 on the 3rd Floor!

To schedule a personal interview if you are unavailable for the open audition, please email us at dancingwatersco@gmail.com


what to prepare

- Wear Dance Clothes
- One Minute Contemporary Solo
- Video submission if you cannot come to the audition
- Printed Resume and Work/School Schedule

Our audition process is simple and down to earth. Nothing to be worried about. If you’d like to audition for Fall ‘19 season, click below to register!

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